I'm going to move to Zhongshan soon and was wondering what the prices of Fruit and Veg are like.

For example in Australia, at my green grocer I have the following prices listed below.
For other prices see: http://www2.woolworthsonline.com.au/#url=/Shop/Browse/fruit-vegetables
Note: Supermarkets like Woolworths have ridiculously overpriced Fruit and Veg compared to a green grocer. So take note.

Carrots $1 a kilo ~ 4.93RMB
White/Yellow Nectarines and Peaches $3 a kilo ~ 14.79RMB
Green Grapes $2 a kilo ~ 9.86RMB
Rockmelon $1.50 each ~ 7.395RMB
Papaya $3 a kilo ~ 14.79RMB
Eggplant $2.50 a kilo ~ 12.325RMB
Bananas $1 a kilo ~ 4.93RMB
Various Apples (Red Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith, Sundowner, Royal Gala) $3 a kilo ($2 a kilo during seasonal harvest) ~ 14.79RMB
Lettuce $1-2 each ~ 4.93RMB to 9.86RMB
Corn $2 for 4 Ears ~ 9.86RMB
Green Pear $3 a kilo ($2 a kilo during seasonal harvest) ~ 14.79RMB

Whole Chicken $5-6 ~ 24.65 RMB to 29.58 RMB
Chicken Feet $2 a kilo ~ 9.86RMB
Banana Prawns $17 a kilo ~ 83.81RMB
Tiger Prawns $26 a kilo ~ 128.18RMB
Green Lip Abalone $80 a kilo ~ 394.4RMB

1 kg ~ 2 catties
Therefore, if prices are in catties, halve the RMB price for comparison.

I know in some areas of China they use the Catty to weigh fruit and vegetables. When I was in Zhongshan earlier this year I didn't pay much attention to whether it was kilo or catty. So if anyone could clarify this, I remember the Chinese Fuji being around 12 RMB during the Summer, but I don't remember what the units were...

Are there any concerns about heavy metals in the ground? I don't mind pesticides as a lot of Fruit and Veg grown in Australia and imported from America, e.g. Thompson Grapes (Green) are very heavily sprayed and thus always so wonderfully round and without insect damage.

Thanks guys, hope to visit anyway. I hope to stay for around a year to see if things will work out or not. 

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hi.There are different from market to supermarket.In the market,always ues Catty to weigh fruit and vegetables.And in the supermarket usually use kg.Of course ,the market's price is more cheaper than the supermarket.But shopping in the supermarket is clean and clever.I advice you can buy fruit and vegetale in the RT-MART ,parknshop or BLT supermarket.If you wanna to the market ,you can go to the ZHURUAN market that more clean than others,but the paice is higher than other.

Sorry, i didn'd have exprience in buying fruit and vegetable.so that's all i know.

Hope to help you.


I get all my vegetables for a week for less than 40 RMB (AU$8??) from a local fresh market. I buy different things than those listed above, but typically I get potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, chillis, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms & eggs for less than 40 RMB. One of the stall owners usually gives me a random vegetable for free too :) I don't know what it is, but I chop it up and cook it anyway.

Hope that helps,


There is a fresh meat, fruit and vegetable market beside O'hagan's Bar. I have been here almost 10 years and I have never had a problem with them. Most of the stall owners are friendly and wont try to up the price because you are foreigner. Most vegetables and fruit are relatively cheap for 1, should be paying around 1 to 3 RMB for 1 vegetable, if they are charging you more than 4 RMB, they are trying to rip you off. Fruit is the same, but also depends on in season or not. Meat is more expensive, but will be cheaper than any of the supermarkets.

You can't compare prices between RMB and dollars for products you buy in China, because it wont make sense. Small wholesale markets are usually cheaper than the average dollar and supermarkets are usually more expensive than the average dollar. Especially imported products. 

Everything has chemicals in it now a days, can't get away from that. But you will find that there will be less chemicals in the fresh food markets than at the big supermarkets and supermarkets are more expensive for there food because the food will last longer.

The upside from buying from a supermarket is that they do import products from other countries such as Australia, New Zealand and USA. Of course the price will be more expensive and last longer but sometimes it is worth it. Recommended supermarkets in ZS are B.L.T., Jusco (Aeon) or Metro......

Hope it helps....if you don't know where the small market is beside O'Hagan's, just ask any foreigner where O'hagan's is because drinking is what foreigners do best in ZS :)


Hi, welcome to zhongshan. 1 Catty is a half of 1 kg. Indeed, in the market, we use Catty to weight products. Howerver, kg. is perferred in the supermarket and some grocer. But, please don't warry about how to verify what's the units is used by shop because you can find it by reading the marked price tag. Besides, kg. is common used in China. So you can ask  the merchant to tell you  the price by kg. directly.

Yeah, thanks guys for the tips. I went back to look at it and I realised it is a negligible part of my budget.

I'm off to figure out if I should rent an apartment from my niece or if I should go it alone.


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