Learning the new regulations caused me to wonder on the subject and I was hoping some of our Chinese readers or those foreigners that are in the know, would help with information on the best place to buy an e-bike and what the costs should be expected. 

Please note that from April 1, all non-standard e-bikes will be prohibited to hit the road. 
The non-standard  e-bikes include the following categories:
  • E-bikes with the maximum speed exceeding 20 km/h   最高车速大于20km/h;
  • E-bikes without pedals   无脚踏,不具备人力骑行功能;
  • The total weight exceeding 40 kg   整车重量大于40kg;
  • The specified continuous output power exceeding 240 W  电动机额定连续输出功率大于240W。
If anyone is found to drive the non-standard e-bikes without the license after April 1, he might get a detention for 15 days and be fined for RMB 1000. Even if anyone has the license, he will still get the penalise according to the  standard of "driving the unlicensed motor vehicle" .
自4月1日起,若无证驾驶超标电动车上路,依法处行政拘留15天,罚款1000元;有证驾驶上路,将按“驾驶无号牌机动车” 的处罚标准进行处罚。

Please notify each other and pay special attention to this regulation.

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If you are law-abiding citizens, get a driving licence and standard e-bike so you can ride wherever you want ! That would be perfect !

But it seems most of you don't have licence, you'd better get a standard e-bike so even you get caught, you won't get punished too hard !! :P  Oh and stay low, do not try to ride it on main roads, downtown, if so, god bless you. :D

Well, neither one you have, good luck !!! Lol.

It’s about time!


The Zhongshan police have been cracking down on cars for about 4 or 5 years now. It was terror on the roads,. in 2007, when I first came to Zhongshan and I wrote,


“The footpath! The name itself is wrong but I have no other for it. The name footpath describes something that one would think is a safe place to walk. Not so as you must be on constant look out for e-bikes, motorcycles cars and the odd bus.”


The regulations on cars and buses since that time have taught drivers not to drive on footpaths. They drive in lanes, stop at traffic lights and are slower. There is still room for improvement, however, we now have much more civilized pedestrian and vehicular environments.


These laws that lower the weight and the speed of e-bikes, we still share the footpaths with, should go a long way to reducing the extensiveness of injury when e-bike and pedestrian collide. 

What are the main legal issues for electric bicycles being used on UK roads?

Electrically assisted bicycles are Road Legal in the UK provided:

The electric cycle weighs 40kg or less
The motor rating is not over 200 watts continuous power output
Powered speed does not exceed 15mph
The cycle has working pedals
Riders are aged 14 or over

Are Licenses, Insurance or MOT's required for Electric Bikes?

No - Unlike motor cycles there are no legal requirements for Insurance, MOT's, Licenses or Road Tax, provided the products meet the requirements outlined above.

Are motor cycle helmets needed?

No - The same rules and recommendations that apply to cycles apply to electrically assisted cycles.

Wearing a cycle helmet is recommended, but not a legal requirement for use on the road.

Speed limit - Is the Maximum speed 15mph?

No - This maximum only applies to the use of electric power; riders can travel beyond 15mph with pedal power alone.

A pedal sensor ensures that electrically assisted power is cut when speed exceeds 15mph.


Actually Len, the new red paths the city of ZS put in beside the roads are not for walking. These paths were meant to be used by Bicycles or E-bikes to encourage them to not ride on the road. Technically people should not be walking on them, that is why there are pictures of bicycles on the paths. See how well that worked out. The only way to improve the quality of E-bike users is to make them have a license, take the driving test and have insurance. But that only works when the police actually enforce the rules of the roads. I have been rollerblading on the roads of ZS for almost 10 years and no police have ever said anything to me. And not 1 accident in all that time, because I have a driving license and knowledge of the road in ZS. :) 

I did not know they made such large electric bicycles. How can they be called e-bicycles or e-bike when there are no pedals? Motorcycles have no pedals. Should they be called electric-motorcycles or e-motorcycle?  




Good point Gordon and thanks for the link. Interesting especially ."Worldwide e-bike sales in 2010 estimated to be 24 million. About 300,000 in USA, about 700,000 in Europe, 1.2 million in India, Japan and Taiwan, and 21.6 million in China! "


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