Does everybody have a set of strings they keep coming back to?

On acoustic, I keep coming back to D'Addario Phosphor Bronze Light (EJ16). They have the perfect balance of tone vs life span for me. I like Martin SP Phosphor Bronze Light (MSP4100) but they don't last very long, IMO. However, I've recently used a set of Martin FX 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Med/Lt (MFX745) and they are awesome. Great tone, easy on the fingers. Definitely on my to-buy list again. BTW, I prefer light gauge over medium since I play more fingerstyle (easier on the fingers). 

On electric, D'Addario XL Nickel Wound Blues/Jazz Rock is what I choose. The strings have great bite and great tone, while maintaining flexibility for bends. I used to be on GHS Boomers, but they seem to be a bit too warm for what I'm looking for. 

Speaking of which, where does everybody buy your strings/plectrum/accessories? We're rather limited in stores here in Zhongshan, but they get the job done. Near walking street, there's that big store and a bit further down is another small shop on the corner. I prefer the latter store. The name is Xing Guang something...can't remember it. I'll buy anything small up here (plectrums, straps, etc), but for strings or misc. name brand goods where I actually care about that name brand, I'll take trips to HK and go straight to Tom Lee Music.

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I like D'Addarios as well. The durability is excellent and tone is great I agree. I get all my supplies at Show Sing Studios. As we rehearse there the boys tend to look after me price wise. I also use the Yamaha store underneath the Cultural center but they can be a bit expensive.

I picked up some vinyl picks i.e. Dunlop whist in AU as I play with a fine pick and the plastic ones break to easily. Does anybody know where we can get these in ZS?
Not sure where to get vinyl picks. Does Show Sing Studios know? That'd be my best bet to find them. I've been there a couple times, nice bunch of guys. I stopped by one day and the owner (I think he was anyways) was there and he showed me around the place. Great blues guitarist...very SRV like. Anyways, they carry a lot of higher end things and the owner (again, I think he was the owner) told me he imported a lot of name brand equipment from Japan.

I was actually in HK a couple days ago. If I had known you needed Dunlop picks, I would've picked some up from you at Tom Lee. I might actually need to go to HK again soon, but not sure yet.

New update:

I am loving Ernie Ball strings right now on my Stratocaster. I'm using the Regular Slinkies (.10-.46) and I love them! I've heard some good things about DR Pure Blues. Might have to pick some up soon...

Tried some 80/20 strings on my acoustic. I'm used to Phosphor Bronze strings.


They have a very typical smiley face EQ to them with scooped mids. For fingerstyle, they sound quite good. For strumming, they sound a bit muffled. PB definitely has stronger mids. Since I play more fingerstyle, I quite like these Martin 80/20 strings.

Back home in Germany, I can buy strings and stuff via internet. The shops and parcel are really fast ... usually between 22 and 36 hours (!) depending the time you order. I play Rotosound Black Nylon on my fretless since years and my last fretted bass had Rotosound Dropzone+ Strings strung on. I really like Rotos, but I will try LaBella Jamerson flats on my new fourstring. If I had a bass here, I would go for HK to TomLee ... the one in Kowloon looks like they have a good choice of stuff (was there for some hours to play bass). Nylon pics are really cool on bass, have you guitar guys tested stone pics? On bass they are great :) Cannot wait to get home to play bass again ^^


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