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Italy Square - New Menu 2013

First let us say thank you for your support over the years to Italy Square. We have enjoyed the company of our many great friends and hope you will continue to give us the pleasure of your company in 2013.


We endeavor to bring to you the freshest and most authentic Italian Cuisine available in Zhongshan and only with your support are we able to do this. The time has come for us to do our bit to say thank you and for the people of Zhongshan we have come up with some delicious…

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Amsterdam Fashion Week’ 2013

Farwell to Kublai; Laura and Cengiz head for the

‘Amsterdam Fashion Week’ and ‘Amsterdam Fashion Exhibition’  

Laura’s first visit, they enjoy some relaxation.instead of 

Cengiz’s two day turbo visits. 


This is the first of a series of three blogs that…

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Top 10 Internet Scams!

The more time I spend on the internet the more I notice just how many scams are out there.Some are not even trying to make money and only have annoyance status, however, most want to get their hands on your hard earned money. this is my Top 10 list of scams, hoaxes and just plain stupidity running around at the moment.

  1. Sick Dying and Missing Kids.


It started around 1999 and continues today in many variations. A…

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RetSam 人生感悟


RetSam灵性辅导谘商(公益服务) http://retsamsgc.lofter.com/aboutme

“不要以为跟着心走,就是跟着情绪或感情走,它们只是你内在的噪音。要练习自我平衡,获得内在的平静,才能真正听到你的心。自我平衡就是消除噪音的过程,少了这一步,我们听到的都只是头脑的声音,这声音很狡猾,它会给你很多借口和理由,也会吓唬你,还会假装是你的心。它的目的只有一个,让你听它的。” —— RetSam

“如果你在孩子面前发脾气,你传达了两个信息:1. 我对你的爱是有条件的; 2. 发脾气是解决问题的方式。( 接下来讲什么大道理都是没用的 ) ” —— RetSam

“不要小看自己,你的潜能无限;也不要小看别人,每个人的潜能都无限。” —— RetSam

“受害者( 埋怨 ) > 创造者( 承担自我平衡的责任 )” —— RetSam…

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Women's day bid begins!!!

Hey guys,

some of you may remember last year we celebrated women's day at friends bar, who really pulled out the stops and we had a really great night. It's coming to that time of year again, on Friday March 8th there will be women all over zhongshan looking for the best place to have a girls night out. Last year we were easily 20 something girls, this year it's looking like we'll be more like 40 something. Hence I propose a bid, a bit of friendly competition, who wants us girls most?…

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Chinese New Year Eve

Yesterday my wife and I were invited by a very pretty Chinese lady to spend the Chinese New Year Eve with her and some friends at a Chinese restaurant near the lake in Kai Yin, it started at about 7pm I walked into this very large (by British standards) restaurant, it was clean and well lit, while we waited for our private room I had a chance to look around the fresh food area where I saw the usual arrangement of live ducks, snakes, chickens and an amazing selection of fish and sea food all…

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DanAi After School coming your way!

I saw a posting on Facebook recently, something about a wise grandmother teaching her grand-daughter how to deal with life's pressures. In the story the grandmother boils three pots of water, in one pot she puts a carrot, another an egg, and the third she puts some coffee beans. She goes on to explain that the carrot goes into the hot water hard and comes out soft, the egg comes out looking like it did before but is hard inside, while the beans go into the hot water and change the water into…

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HOW TO SHOWER LIKE A WOMAN: Take off clothing and place it in sectioned laundry hamper according to lights and darks. Walk to bathroom wearing long robe. If you see husband along the way, cover up any exposed areas. Look at your womanly physique in the mirror -- make mental note to do more sit-ups/leg-lifts, etc. Get in the shower. Use wash cloth, long loofah, wide loofah and pumice stone. Wash your hair once with…
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The Sheraton Hotel Chef Came To Italia Square.

Last Saturday a chef of Sheraton hotel went to Italia square restaurant to eat lunch.  I think everybody knows about  Sheraton hotel. It is the largely brandy hotel all over the world. There are many expert chefs in Sheraton and one of them came to Italia square.

They ordered prosciutto e funghi spaghetti and pizza  salsiccia e friarelli. The prosciutto e funghi spaghetti is our best pasta in italia square…

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Spring Festival Celebrations

Dear Friend remember that Fable Restaurant Pub will close for Spring festival celebrations from Feb-09 to Feb-11!

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Preparing to Leave China

Well, less than three weeks left before we return to England. I can’t say I’m excited to leave! China, I know I’ve said it before; we have had a wonderful time. Paul and May have really pulled out all the stops for us, we are both so pleased to have such a wonderful son and daughter in law who are so eager to open their house to us and allow us to have some quality time with them our youngest grandson and their extended family and friends.

I find the food so diverse and there…

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JMM Fashion - Click

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