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Amazing China

I've been in China about 3 months now and I've noticed a few things that might seem strange to English folk, most are understandable like in our part of southern China there are no chimneys on houses and no fireplaces in rooms just an air conditioning unit hidden away somewhere, and for most of the year they are as necessary as our fireplaces were in winter before central heating.

However there are other things not so easily explained away like when I buy bread there are no…

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2012 JMM End Of Year Update


Understanding is most important. Lifestyle is what our friends in fashion all enjoy. We are living in an enjoyable environment, with Family and friends.  Many of our business partners in different labels have been visiting getting ready for the 2013 winter collection. Cengiz has just moved into his new apartment and life with Laura and Kublai is hectic and enjoyable. 


In the slide below we would like to show you…

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next chapter~the post title name called~:margherita pizza

next week~margherita english version and spanish version~ this is from roger in italia square restaurant.oh yeah~!

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Love China

Two months ago I decided, like countless expats before me, that it was time to leave China. Well, after spending two months home in America, I’ve decided to come right back.

  Now I know what you’re thinking:

  I don’t have time to explain all that right now,

  Since arriving back here, I’ve had many people ask me, “I thought you were sick of China. What convinced you to come back?”

  First of all, I never said I was sick of China.

  Second of all, I’m even…

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my job in Italia Square

Hi everybody from zhong shan ren member.i have been working as a part time waiter in Italia Square for 17 days.This 17 days i met a lot of things,any of them are very complicated,trust me.I worked in Taverna Greece restaurant 6 months ago.I worked for Arthur & Harry.That time i was just a worker who wanted to finish a job and go home soon.The first week in Italia Square,i thought i could work well in the first time,cause i had an experience about working in the restaurant about 4…

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Christmas Chinese Style

Shopping done our Christmas started On Christmas Eve with a meal of English style sirloin and chips with Chinese food thrown in for good luck there were about 10 of us so after food we played some sort of poker I've never played poker before and I found it to be slow and boring I think Snap is far better suited to my high level of intellectual understanding of all forms of gambling, later Noah and his lovely wife Tracy O turned up and kept us entertained until…

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Christmas will exist

Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house not a thing is stirring but dear old Dad, you know him as Dan, sitting upstairs in his den, writing to friends far away. I've a bottle of red wine and a more letters to send. Downstairs, the tree is lit, gifts are waiting and though we live in China, Christmas will exist.
Ain't easy, as you well know, this Christmas thing. The Chinese don't get it, they don't see. Its about memories of…
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China Bank

Well what a lovely place China is, well it is for me anyway I have so much fun just trying to get simple things, I went to the DIY man (woman) the other day the one just past Woggies, all I wanted was some cable ties, my internet didn’t work there so Google was no help at all, I drew pictures and tried very hard to do mimes of what they did, but I think they thought I was miming choking someone, I looked around the shop as best as I could, 30 minutes later I walked away empty handed, I’m…

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Bangkok day 2 and 3

November 2nd 2012

Up at 7.30 eating breakfast at 8.30 … Meet up with Paul at 10am in the bar, after a quick drink of chilled diet coke Danny joined us he was a bit groggy but the trip to the over ground railway station in this 35c plus heat soon woke him up, God but it’s hot here, when they say you can fry an egg just by cracking it open on the pavement you better believe it, anyway Paul took us again to that big shopping centre and air con shops, thank god for air con, we stopped at a…

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Goodbye "Guówài" party.

Hi everybody,

My time is alredy come, 1 month is alredy gone.....oh my God, what a nice time!!!!

I don't know when i could be back, but while i m typing this post good news are just arrived to, we'll meet soon again.…

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Hey ZSRenners, here's a bit a weak humor for your post alcohol enjoyment.

Two English teachers walk into a bar. One gets a concussion, the other breaks his nose.

Any idea what just happened? No? OK, lets try another approach.

Two English teachers walk into a bar. There is loud music and men with long hair are thrashing about. One teacher turns to the other and says something very wise. The other never responds.

Where are the teachers? How does it relate to the first joke? Still clueless? OK, here is one more try, see if you can find… Continue 继续

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ZS New life

Hi everybody,

this is my first post and it doesn't looks so anyway...its just a thanks.

i m new in town and almost of you doesn't know me....that doesn't matter.

I would…

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My first full day in Bangkok

November 1st 2012 ..

I was up at 6 am having slept for about 10 hours but nobody else surfaced till around 10.30…. And that was Paul and Danny…..god its hot here….We then went to a shopping mall it’s a big place and puts my local Hanley shopping center to shame. We then caught the underground train but it was over ground if you know what i mean, ….. they really pack those trains we stood up all the way back, three stations about 5 mins…

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Bloody Santa

Monday 10th December 2012-12-10

Now what did I go and do that for .... Let me explain .... I’m what I suppose people would call a portly gentleman when they are being kind and a fat old git when they are not, I also have white hair, white as snow and while we are talking about snow this is the time of the year when portly and white hair get people thinking about Santa, now Santa used to be a friend of mine, bring me presents and things but he hasn’t dropped by for quite a few years now,…

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Trouble with your VPN these day? China vs VPN... maybe this helps

Just FYI, if you noticed your VPN is not working atm, you could try this:

If you are currently unable to connect your VPN account, chances are you are using UDP Protocol which is now blocked in China.

To fix your VPN account, you will need to change some settings inside the customer area maybe.

You can try to change your protocol to TCP and…

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Hello everybody

I think I’ve at last worked out what China is all about for the retired gentleman, (me) it took me a while but I’ve cracked it.... China is all about finding things to do in-between meals, so the longer you make a meal last the less time you have to worry about what to do and where to go. Several years ago when I was a working man, May said to me come to China dad and I can take you to a different restaurant every day for the rest of your life, and now I’m here I believe her, there is an…

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The Macau Marathon

Here's a letter I just wrote to my old English teacher back in the States, about me and John Galli competing in the half-marathon race in Macau over the weekend. Thought you might enjoy a laugh or two over our suffering.

"I may have mentioned to you before that I was planning to run in a half-marathon with one of my friends in Macau. Well, the race was last Sunday and man was it something.

I had been having some physical issues leading up to the race, including but not limited…

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