First of all, I want to give my appreciate to everyone. This blog has more than 1000 views in the past 12 months.  It maybe is the best result of my blogs in my 15-years-internet-surfing.

Last year, we has one more cinema, CGV CINEMAS, which gives us a bigger Imax room with more wonderful picture & sound effects. I'd like to update this lists to count it in and 4 more, as 18 cinemas totally, offering five more choices for you and your families. 

Wish you have a good time with movies. Hope to see you in Friends' Bar and tell me more about them! 

*On the website,KICK the poster picture of the movie you could get the English name.*

*Blue color is the updated information.*

Shiqi 石岐

1.OSGH CINEMAS   中山橙天嘉禾影城

Location: 5th Floor, Lihe Plaza. NO.16, Zhongshan Road 中山市石岐区中山三路16号利和广场五层

Telephone: 0760-88662345


2.CGV  CINEMAS   CGV星星国际影城(中山石岐店)

Location: 4th Floor, Xingzhong Plaza. NO.3, Fengming Road 中山市石岐区凤鸣路3号兴中广场B2座4层

Telephone: 0760-88888335


3.WENHUA CINEMAS (ZXYC)   中山市文化艺术中心电影城

Location: Zhongshan Cultural & Art Center. Boai Road. 中山市博爱四路文化艺术中心电影城

Telephone: 0760-88226668


4.JINYI CINEMAS   金逸国际影城中山石岐店

Location: 5th Floor, Daxin Plaza. Daxin Road. 中山市石岐区大信南路2路大信新都汇5楼

Telephone: 0760-88792200



Location:  4th Floor, Henda Cinemas.No.109 Qiguan Road. 中山市南区岐关路109号恒大影城4层

Telephone: 0760-88818408 / 0760-88811468



Location: 3rd Floor, Xin Hui Wan. No.4 Zhongshan Er Road中山市石岐区中山二路4号星汇湾2幢3楼

Telephone: 0760-28130130


7.DADI CINEMAS   大地数字影院中山时尚城

Location: 4th Floor, Building of Shishang Shangcheng, NO.222 Sunwen Zhong Road. 中山市孙文中路222号时尚商城4楼

Telephone: 0760-88873277



Location: Building 1, Plams & Rainbow Plaza.No.29 Kongjian Road.中山市西区康健路29号棕榈彩虹商业一座(新中医院对面)

Telephone: 0760-87500018 / 0760-87500028


9.CUIJING CINEMAS   西区翠景文化中心

Location: Cuibao Road, Cuijing Street西区翠景道翠宝路

Telephone: 0760-88610345

Website: none


Kaifaqu (Development Zone) 开发区

10.ZHONGYING CINEMAS   中山中影太阳城电影院

Location: 4th Floor, Taiyangcheng Mall. NO.23, Dongzhen Dongyi Road中山 火炬开发区东镇东一路23号太阳城购物中心4层

Telephone: 0760-89938999


11.WENHUA CINEMAS   中山文华工人电影城

Location: 2nd Floor, Xintiandi Plaza, NO.22, Jianye Road. 中山市火炬开发区建业路22号中炬新天地广场2楼(员工文化广场附近)

Telephone: 0760-85336699



Xiaolan 小榄

12.JINYI CINEMAS   金逸国际影城 中山小榄店

Location: 4th Floor, Daxin Plaza. NO. 18, Shengping Road, Xiaolan. 中山市小榄镇升平路18号大信新都汇4楼

Telephone: 0760-22188361


13.DADI CINEMAS   大地数字-小榄顺昌广场

Location: 3rd Floor, Shunchang Plaza, NO.8, Xinhua Road, Xiaolan.中山小榄镇新华中路8号顺昌广场3楼

Telephone: 0760-22559963


14.JUCHENG CINEMAS   小榄镇菊城影剧院

Location: NO.89, Wenhua Road, Xiaolan.中山市小榄镇文化路89号(即旅游大酒店对面)

Telephone: 0760-22288099



Guzhen 古镇

15.DADI CINEMAS   大地数字-古镇国贸广场

Location: 3rd Floor, District A, Guomao Hotel, Zhongxing Road, Guzhen. 中山市古镇中兴大道中路国贸大酒店A区三楼

Telephone: 0760-22367027



Sanxiang 三乡

16.DADI CINEMAS   大地数字影院-三乡顺昌店

Location: 3rd Floor, Shunchang Plaza, Sanxiang. 中山市三乡镇顺昌购物广场3楼

Telephone: 0760-86361242



Tanzhou 坦洲

17.BIGAO CINEMAS   中山比高电影城

Location: 4th Floor, NO.118, Tanshen Road, Tanzhou.中山市坦洲镇坦神北路118号皇爵假日广场4楼

Telephone: 0760-87132677-601



Shaxi 沙溪

18.DADI CINEMAS   大地数字影院--中山星宝时代

Location: No.6 , Xingbao Road, Shaxi. 中山市沙溪镇乐群坎溪村星宝路6号

Telephone: 0760-88260600


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Comment by 上由 yohan on 在July七月 25, 2014 at 添加的评论13:32

Comment by 上由 Leonard 李安 on 在April四月 20, 2014 at 添加的评论19:28

WOW. All I can say, I have goose bumps. Thanks Yvonne!

Comment by 上由 Jason Cortis on 在September九月 9, 2013 at 添加的评论10:25

I have seen the Cinema and it looks great. My Restaurant will be right next the Cinema selling Frozen Yogurt, Smoothies and western food.

Comment by 上由 Yvonne on 在August八月 31, 2013 at 添加的评论20:17

HI, Paul. I posted this blog on April 4th. At that moment, there wasn't any IMAX cinemas in Zhongshan. But now, we have one. Here is the information:

Here is the google map:

The address of CGV Cinemas is: 石岐区凤鸣路3号兴中广场B2座4层, 4th Floor, B2, Xingzhong Plaza, NO.3 Fengming Road. Tel:0760-88888335.



As I known, In most evening, IMAX will be at 18:15, 21:00 and 23:45. The ticket of Imax will be 75.00 yuan and 55.00 as a member's discount price.

Comment by 上由 Paul Jolley on 在August八月 31, 2013 at 添加的评论17:34

Yvonne, Great blog .... Which one is the new IMAX cinema across from the international hotel ??

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