The Claytons Heatwave - The heatwave you have, when you don't have a heatwave.

The Headlines over the last few days have been about 'Record Breaking Heatwaves'
sweeping the East Coast of Australia. Temperatures are going to break '150 year old records' they chant the mantra, to anyone on and in every media forum, within a keyboards reach, they alert the waiting masses huddled, in frenzy, for word from the educated elite. 

 'Extreme Heatwave Alert' for the South East coast during the 22, 23 and 24th of February 2016 running fear down the spin of any Bega cheese maker for the potential loss of his herd or the contamination of his milk from the stress the cows would suffer. 

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) forecaster  Rebecca Kamitakahara told  "Heatwave conditions, defined by three days of unusually hot minimum and maximum temperatures for any given area, are sweeping across parts of NSW and northern Victoria with an extreme heatwave hovering around southern NSW."

However the results are a very different story too that predicted. Over the first two days of this extreme heatwave event the temperature did not reach 30C with a maximum of 27.9C on the 21st and 28.5C on the 22nd. both days cooling to well below 20C. These results are about as far from a heatwave as Winter is from Summer. Let alone an extreme heatwave. 

Ignoring the facts:

1. The monthly mean of 27.2C for December 2015 was 5.3C lower than the highest monthly mean of 32.5C and 3.9C higher than the lowest monthly mean. 

2. Sixteen days in December had a lower temp than the maximum lowest mean including four days which had a lower temp than the minimum lowest mean. 

BOM senior forecaster Tom Boeck said "While summer was always a scorcher in South Australia, this season had seen some out of the ordinary weather." “December was significantly hot with seven days above 40 degrees in Adelaide which is very unusual,” 

The seven days above 40 degrees occurred only at Kent Town shown to be affected by the traffic that surrounds it in  Vehicle Heat Affect - The Climate Change Study Not Begun.

At Mount Lofty 10.3 km from the city center the temps reached a max of 34.8. At Adelaide Airport, 2 days of +40C and at Parafield 4 days +40. Those +40 temps for only minutes of each day. 

In Perth the ABC lauded us with broken records of 4 days above 40 but failed in the story to mention the mean for February is 2.9C cooler than the Highest monthly mean and 2.7C warmer than the Lowest Monthly mean  and that the highest temp reached was 2C to 4.1C cooler than the hottest Feb day recorded. In other words the Breaking News story was about an average February month in Perth. 

Finally we come to the big story this week that it is Sydney's turn to roast. Not off to a great start with max temps at many Sydney stations not reaching 30C on its first day and the outer suburbs which were said to hit 40C like Penrith, a mere 33C.

Bob Brown a former leader of the 'Australian Green Party' once said. "Australians are smarter than this and they don't like to be patronised" 

To the author of the article Benedict Brook and to BOM Scientists Rebecca Kamitakahara and Tom Boeck, this Australian is feeling very patronised. I therefore ask you why you feel it necessary to present what looks like normal summer weather in this manner and wonder if you continue to do it and when the Australian people start to think of you as the little boy who cried wolf, ignore your warnings and lives are lost, will you accept the blame?

Read More from Len

Keep up with the Sydney Heat Wave here:

Current temp in Penrith 29.8C at 12:00 EST 

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