In the end I became disgusted with my self and those around me. I had lived in Zhongshan for eight years and all we could see was 1st world problems in a  3rd world nation. Yesterday I promoted a story written by Tracy with the headline 

"In recent times China has enforced a more progressive and less misogynist use of dress sense in marketing and the use of women in advertising. How does it affect your marketing and should it be introduced world wide?"

The rest of the day found me debating my use of the word misogynist in the title, until I pulled a wobbly and demanded the protagonists think about where they live. So today I want to give you a reminder of where you live and ask you to reflect on it. I know I will. 

Please meet 72-year-old Lian Gui an elderly woman living alone in a broken house in the Daxinganling region,

When you are complaining about your job. think that for the last 10 years she has been scavenging from the side of village roads and now finds it difficult to compete with the younger children as she is not as flexible as she used to be. 

She is happy as she has no boss and in her words she is better than a dog because at least she is alive. 

When you're sitting in your fancy western restaurant complaining that the steak is too small.   Lian Gui cooks  inexpensive rice dishes:  She doesn't eat breakfast or lunch  but a dinner of rice and cabbage. This cabbage is retrieved from the trash,  badly rotten. She says "If i put a little salt I can eat it. Sometimes I think, with a little canola oil the pan fried cabbage, certainly is more delicious than eating it raw. "

When you're lying on your "Oh it's too hard" Chinese bed or that the apartment the school has given you is too small when Lian Gui sleeps in winter, which can reach temperatures of 50c below, she piles on clothes after clothes to keep warm

Her small fire and cooking pot only available when she can find the wood  

her one pleasure the morning sun. 

Please people understand that I and all foreigners have been here before. I am not lecturing you but next time you want to complain that life in China is just to dame tough or the next time you want to argue with me about the semantics of the meaning of a word or call me a drunken foreign idiot for trying to promote a community of people working together for a better future for all. 

Have a good fucking look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself an uppercut! 

Thanks to "The Subtle Art of not giving a Fuck"  for the inspiration. 

Read more dull shit from me here

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Comment by 上由 Mike on 在August八月 7, 2015 at 添加的评论9:41

Now about the story, I believe the story could have been told without the foul language.

Just my 2 cents

Comment by 上由 Mike on 在August八月 7, 2015 at 添加的评论9:37

Good point Harvey!

Comment by 上由 Harvey Adamson on 在August八月 5, 2015 at 添加的评论9:26

A country is judged by the respect and care they give their most needy citizens

Comment by 上由 Harvey Adamson on 在August八月 5, 2015 at 添加的评论9:24

It may be very subjective but generally many Chinese people I know do not seem to have much compassion for the plight of others outside their direct family ( of course not all ) I have been quite shocked at the things I have seen here crippled people in the street performing like animals for money , so many old people living in hovels next to a luxury block of apartments, I wanted my friends to try to help me to contact local groups with disabilities etc to start to make a difference I was asked but why? , How can an old lady like in your photos be so neglected by the richest country in the world ? there is so much money flaunted in China but hey are very low on the world scale of giving to charities .

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