Foreigners Please Help - 南京地铁现“妈妈丐帮” 带娃行乞月入过万 Nanjing mothers with Children are professional beggars

I am so sorry to post such a sad post but I would like to ask all, including foreigners, to be aware of begging tactics in China. This is truly sorrowful for our country. Do not support these professional beggars. They collect for others and they and their children are poorly paid. It is not just Nanjing but all metro areas of China including Zhongshan.

On July 22 at noon a micro blogger posted "I'm at the Nanjing Metro Line 2 where two children are begging. The little boy is singing  "There is only a good mother," the little girl is kneeling to kowtow to the surrounding passengers asking for money."


As usual, she continued, many passengers are not worried about the two children or if they are stolen and forced to beg. I stopped to ask the child's name, the two children did not answer and like a robot returned to their begging. 


The female passenger felt  miserable for the child, distressed tears upon their faces. The other MTR passengers  expressed no concern. 


Later in the Nanjing Public Security Bureau command room in the subway the woman reported her concern and asked them to monitor the situation and asked users on the micro blogging network to report them to the police. , The next morning, the two children appeared again in the subway and they were reported and taken to the command center. 


It is understood that the mothers from MINXIAN, are 18 or 19. One policeman found this remarkable born in 1996 a year before the 19-year-old young mother. They are professional beggars with the child's birth certificate, and cash, not more than one hundred yuan, they returned to beg for more money.  


At present the professional beggars, mostly from MINXIAN, using children to beg. according to information released by Metro Police,  earn per capita daily income of four or five hundred dollars. A monthly income of over a million easy which is paid to the boss. 


If you donate to these beggars, you encourage this behaviour so I ask you not to support this abuse of these children and their mothers.  

Original Story in Chinese here

More from Tracy here

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Comment by 上由 Mike on 在July七月 29, 2015 at 添加的评论11:01

Tracy and Tan Scott are correct, don't give beggars money! 

Before I started traveling the world, 27 countries so far, I learned about this kind of criminal active and have never given any money to a beggar!

Instead I give to quality origination where I know, at least most, my donation will be used for a good cause. 

Comment by 上由 Tan Scott on 在July七月 28, 2015 at 添加的评论9:34

Yes, remember this when you see any beggar. Anytime you give a beggar money you are helping to sponsor a criminal organization, and the beggar actually sees little to none of the actually money. Even when you see a deformed person, that person was more than likely deformed by the criminal organization to help them get money from you. I know it is sad to see a disabled person and it is difficult to not to want to help them, I know it very well. My suggestion if you cant stop yourself from helping a beggar, give them some food instead. If they accept your food then they are an honest homeless person, if they don't accept your food they are working for a criminal organization. Help stop this, it will only benefit society!

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