The child is a shadow lost, never I thought whilst I held her

I read this story in a Chinese Blog and wanted to help and so here is my English version!


On January 31, I went with my daughter from my in-law’s home by train. I originally wanted a sleeper but none were available,


9:00am and fortunately next to the window.  I was pleased to have a 60-year-old woman with her 7 year old grandson next to me! We talked and the old lady was very helpful but kept reminding me to be careful the bad guys take good care items.

The little grandson and my daughter nearly one year old played. She was interested in everything, from time to time on pulling the old lady's hair or clothes.  The old lady and I made small talk.  How much did your daughter weigh at birth, which hospital when was she born etc  etc  etc . Sharing information and learning from grandmothers is useful.


The old lady asked me if I was drunk every day and what brand of drink. I don’t drink I truthfully answered. Later, she asked me when I was born; I think this is not good to tell, I said I do not remember. Then the old lady asked me what my daughter’s full name was. It was a bit strange, to ask the full name of a child, my heart told me there is a problem, ah my heart is still a little note, telling her my son's name. When I used the bathroom on the train she helped me with my daughter.  Granny would walk with me to the bathroom, and then wait for me and help me back. The people around me would say very nice lady and I felt pretty good. Getting off the old lady helped me with the luggage. At Wang Chu station we walked together.

Once out of the station, the old lady suddenly grabbed my daughter and said: “Thank You for helping me hold my granddaughter, to go through the station”   I held tight to my daughter and I was surprised, I said “what are you talking aunt.” Then her grandson said to me:  “You are the bad woman; do not hold my sister!”   Then a lot of people were looking at me sceptically. Then another woman came over calling my full name and that a daughter had died and I abducted children.  Suddenly a lot of people appeared around me pointing and others said I wanted to abduct a child.

I saw a taxi, thinking quickly to ignore them I moved towards it but those pointing now blocked my way. The old woman made another attempt to grab my daughter and her grandson said to me:” Auntie, we are taking my sister to her mother, we're going home now.” The woman and the old lady tried to take my daughter away, but fortunately I was using  straps with my daughter firmly attached.


Passers-by  looked at me and called “this woman  holding the child has mental problems and won’t let other people's children  go,”  I was really scared began to tremble, and I desperately clinging to my daughter, my daughter  felt my tension, and began to cry.


Then I heard someone calling me, it was my father and great aunt at the station to pick me up, they could not find me, and heard a child cry, I saw my great aunt.


My father came over but still they continued to argue, what year, what month, what, what to eat milk, what habits and so on. I was immediately shocked, these were questions the old lady on the train asked me. But fortunately I had told her my son's name.  My father is very confused, and then asked her:  “What is your daughter's name?” She said my son's name. I shouted to her: “Old fart, my daughter name is ***,” I told the old woman in the car was my son's name. The woman and the old woman were stupefied. I pointed them and shouted: “You guys traffickers, they should be shot.”


Then father and great aunt immediately took me to the car to go home. In the car I felt my whole body tremble and I cried. I hugged my daughter tightly, as if she was gone, never to let go.


Later, I recall, they have the following characteristics:


First, the paralysis of our thinking, with a clean and tidy child, and no one will think of  human trafficking.


Second, very enthusiastic and do anything to help you.


Third, ask the about the child’s every detail.


Fourth, help you with your luggage to get off and lead you to an uncrowded area.


Fifth, many partners, I then think of the people pointing and estimate many accomplices.

I always thought that Children were stolen when you were separated and never dreamed it could be whilst with your Child.



Later I went to a friend's house, he told me when the children are taken shopping in the market they are at risk and the whole thing is horribly planned.

An old woman came up pointing to the mother:  “she is here”   Then, a young man who looks pale and gentle slap’s the mother in the face.  Now disoriented they push the woman and say: “You bring out a sick Child.” The child’s mother is beaten back a few steps, trips on the steps, and then the old woman on the side of the stroller unfastens the seat belts and grabs the child while nags the child is so sick.  The man hits the angry mother and then tells the old woman:  “go  quickly and take the child to the hospital.” The old woman holding the child is picked up by a man riding a motorcycle and is quickly gone!  

The child is a shadow lost, the action so quick and disorientating lying on the ground the mother cannot describe them. The witness’s thought it was a family fight.


So please forward this story  so this sadness can be stopped.

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Comment by 上由 Michael Binion on 在May五月 22, 2015 at 添加的评论6:27

This is scary stuff.  Thanks for sharing.

Comment by 上由 Mike on 在May五月 19, 2015 at 添加的评论8:24

This is Crazy!
Thanks for sharing

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